Friday, December 02, 2005



Welcome to my poetry.
My name is Caroline. I have been writing poems since i was in school (which seems decades ago now even though i am only twenty!!).
I have only put on a few for now but i will put some more on soon.
I hope you enjoy my poetry.


A Part Of Me

Whenever i see you around,
My heart starts pounding.
I don't understand my feelings,
This attraction won't go.
You have become a part of my life,
you have become a part of me.

There is no physical attraction,
just a mental chemistry.
We both seem to be on the same level,
but neither of us want to be.

We are more suited as friends,
although we may not want to be.
But a relationship can't blossom,
unless it's what we both want.

I want more than you realise,
but my feelings will stay hidden,
Until the time is right.
I will tell you how i feel,
but only when you are sure
of how you feel.

Just remember,
You have become a part of my life,
You have become a part of me.

(c)2005 caroline dunne


The Scottish Man

The Scottish man, well my daddy,
Sat on the couch as a bonnie wee laddy.
He had a wee doggy, a bonnie wee lassie,
A brother called Peter, a sister called Cassie.
Five of them squashed in a tiny wee housey,
And a little black cat to chase away the wee mousey.

(C) Caroline Dunne

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